History – km 689 Cologne Beach Club

On 1st May 2004, to mark the tenth anniversary of KölnKongress, the km 689 Cologne Beach Club was opened at the Tanzbrunnen complex in cooperation with the caterer RheinConnection. It was named after the river’s 689-kilometre mark.

The finest sand was brought in to cover an area of 3,500 square metres, and beach recliners, Spanish designer furniture and hammocks for up to 2,500 visitors were set up. Large sunshades, showers, a whirlpool and a towel-hire service are also available at the club. And thanks to the direct access to the Rhine, guests can moor their jet skis.

The km 689 Cologne Beach Club has become very popular among Cologne residents. Its high-quality furnishings and the food and drinks offered at the beach huts more than satisfy the high expectations of the Beach Club guests.