The culture and leisure park created in 1928, and now covering approx. 30,000 sq.m. with its open air stage and theatre as well as the adjacent Rheinterrassen with restaurant and beer garden and the city beach Km 689 Cologne Beach Club, is located on the Deutz side of the Rhine, opposite the cathedral and with a unique panoramic view of the city.

In 1950, the architect Josef Op Gen Orth built a fountain for the first time in the facility with an accessible circular centrepiece that is also a dance floor, hence the name Tanzbrunnen. The motto of the time was “Dance under the star-studded tent“. The bold roof construction extending over the dance floor of the Tanzbrunnen and part of the grounds was designed in 1957 by Professor Frei Otto, who subsequently designed the world-renowned roof of Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

The cotton membrane was replaced for the Bundesgartenschau 1971, following extensive restoration work of the complete facility and in particular of the roof construction. Today’s star-studded tent consists of coated polyester polyplan, offering a protected area of some 500 square metres.

For the summer season 2000, besides the fountain which, with its diameter of almost 55 m has a total water surface of approx. 2,000 sq.m., also in 2001 the tent-roof went into operation again. Following extensive restoration work on the entire facility and especially the roof construction, the star-studded tent is now made of coated polyester polyplan offering cover over an area of 500 sq.m. In addition, for the open-air area new toilet facilities were built and the previous backstage buildings were replaced by new ones on the same site.

In the year 2003 with the entrance marquee a further "textile construction” was erected: the entrance marquee carried by a 48-metre long steel arch, whose diameter is 50 centimetres, also consists of coated polyester fabric and, with its area of 350 sq.m., provides protection for arriving guests even be inclement weather.

With the km 689 Cologne Beach Club, which opened in 2004 as one of the most attractive city beaches, the Tanzbrunnen grounds are now complete and bear comparison with any other in Cologne and the region. Those who have experienced an open-air concert with an audience of up to 12,500 people in the Tanzbrunnen on the banks of the Rhine will remember the evening not just for the music. Many are of the opinion that the Tanzbrunnen is the most attractive open-air theatre in Germany.